6 Months to 6 Figures as Immigrant Entrepreneur

Who is this program for?

*E-2 Visa Investors who want to go to 6-figures in 6 months 

*Aspiring Immigrant Entrepreneurs 

* L-1 Managers who want to make 6-fig in 6-months 

* Immigrant Entrepreneur struggling with marketing & lead generation

*Person intending to apply for E-2 or L-1 Visa in the near future 

*An International Student on F1 visa ready to change the status in the USA & apply for an entrepreneur Visa 

*E-2 or L-1 Visa holder who seeks extension or change of status 

*An Immigrant Entrepreneur who is ready to live the American Dream and create multiple 6-figures income stream 

You should enroll because:

*You are ready to scale & grow your company 

*You're sick and tired of struggling financially 

*You're ready to change up your game 

*You need a blueprint before you apply for E-2 visa or L-1 visa 

*You need a guidance with on business plan 

*You need a guidance on marketing & sales strategy 


Questions? [email protected]  

About the instructor

Attorney/Founder of ImmigrationBiz

Marieta Oslanec

Marieta is the founder of ImmigrationBiz,  a passionate entrepreneur, and author who has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Playboy CBS News 8, Pravda, Radio Expres, and WOMANMAN, EMMA, LA Start-up Magazine among others.  Marieta moved to the U.S. from Slovakia in 2007 where she graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.  Upon graduation, Marieta relocated to New York, where she started ImmigrationBiz, with a focus on working with foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to expand to the U.S. market.  Marieta’s main interest is helping foreign startups, entrepreneurs and investors to move to the U.S. with ease in order to live their ‘American Dream.’ 

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro

  • 2

    6 Months to 6 Figures

    • The Workshop

  • 3

    Schedule a call with Marieta

    • Talk to me

  • 4


    • E-2 Visa vs L1 Visa Roadmap

    • Go from E2 Visa to a Green Card in the US

    • How to Triple Your Income as an Entrepreneur

    • How to Grow to 10K-50K Months as a Service-Based Business Owner

ENROLL NOW & GET 50% OFF DISCOUNT! Typically the course sells for 199 USD. You will get an instant access to my tips & tricks on how I went from a struggling immigrant with 700 USD to a successful multiple 6-fig entrepreneur in no time. 

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