The American Dream Hub!

This Program is for: 

  • Anyone who has questions about F1 visa, B1 and B2 visa, change of status, green card, E2 visa, how to start a business in the USA, how to get a work visa, etc. 
  • Entrepreneurs who want to expand to the US market (start a new business or open up an affiliate office) and create 6-7 figure business 
  • Business owners who seek a work permit in the USA 
  • International students who wish to study in the USA and apply for F1 visa, enroll to ESL school, college or University 
  • Visitors and tourists who are seeking help with B1 visa, B2 visa application, and the visa approval
  • Anybody who needs help to navigate how to immigrate to the USA 
  • A person who got the visa denial in the past 
  • A person who needs to consult with 

What's in it for me:

  • bi-weekly live classes per month (for a period of 12 months; total 24 classes)   with an immigration attorney/entrepreneur per month (the value two calls 1,200 USD)  
  • A support group of like-minded people
  • Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions
  • No more confusion
  • Gained Self-confidence & exact roadmap how to immigrate to the USA 
  • Step by step strategy on how to move to the USA
  • Step by step strategy on how to start a business in the USA
  • Step by step strategy on how to study in the USA 
  • Step by step strategy how to get B visa approval 
  • Step by step strategy how to prepare for the visa interview 
  • Step by step strategy on how to move to the USA, apply for a driving license, EIN, health insurance, etc.
  • A Total transformation from a negative to a positive and confident mindset that is essential if you want to succeed in the USA 
  • An Exact Blueprint how to go from an idea to actual business in the USA 
  • Option to cancel anytime you wish!

    TOTAL VALUE: 1,200 USD/month for only 87 USD 


Useful Resources

To help get you started, here are a few of our community's favorite resources:

How to live your American Dream.

Need More Help? Hire an Expert!

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If you need any assistance or you wish to cancel your subscription you can email us at

Marieta  Oslanec
Marieta Oslanec
Attorney/Founder of ImmigrationBiz

About the instructor

Marieta is the founder of ImmigrationBiz,  a passionate entrepreneur, and author who has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Playboy CBS News 8, Pravda, Radio Expres, and WOMANMAN, EMMA, LA Start-up Magazine among others.  Marieta moved to the U.S. from Slovakia in 2007 where she graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.  Upon graduation, Marieta relocated to New York, where she started ImmigrationBiz, with a focus on working with foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to expand to the U.S. market.  Marieta’s main interest is helping foreign startups, entrepreneurs and investors to move to the U.S. with ease in order to live their ‘American Dream.’ 

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