Start a Business in the USA with a Minimum Investment

How to start small & build a profitable business in the USA with a minimum investment!


This program is designed to help you start a biz in the USA with no money. If you know my story you know that I started with 700 USD. 

In fact, when I started my company I was in debt. 

My intention is to show you the step by step roadmap that will show you exactly how to start your biz with no money. Plus, it's going to show you how to generate money before you know it. 

Why should you enroll? 

Majority of people think they need a huge capital to a. start a business, b. immigrate to the USA. This is actually a myth. In this program you will learn how to start right away while living abroad, how to start without investing a substantial amount of capital, and how to start the process without investing millions. 

Other reasons why you might like this course:

  • Test an idea for your business + get the validation 
  • How to stand out in your market and eliminate the competition 
  • How to start a company in the USA while living in your home country 
  • My #1 Hack to start a business without any investment

Who is this program for?

This program is not for everyone. It's designed to help you if you are a young, driven and aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to create preferably online business in the USA; either service or product based. 

So, what's included? 

Start the right business - I will show you how to validate your business idea, get clear on who is your ideal client, craft a MVO and more. 

Incorporate -  you will learn how to start a business in the USA while living in your home country. 

Market & Sell - you will learn how to find your ideal customers and how to sell them your product and services with ease. You will learn how to create 2.0 niche and why you absolutely must get clear on your why. 

Visa  Strategy - I will break down the best visa strategy for you and your business.


Typically this program sells for 199 USD.  

Marieta  Oslanec
Marieta Oslanec
Attorney/Founder of ImmigrationBiz

About the instructor

Marieta is the founder of ImmigrationBiz,  a passionate entrepreneur, and author who has been featured in several media outlets including Forbes, Playboy CBS News 8, Pravda, Radio Expres, and WOMANMAN, EMMA, LA Start-up Magazine among others.  Marieta moved to the U.S. from Slovakia in 2007 where she graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago.  Upon graduation, Marieta relocated to New York, where she started ImmigrationBiz, with a focus on working with foreign investors and entrepreneurs who want to expand to the U.S. market.  Marieta’s main interest is helping foreign startups, entrepreneurs and investors to move to the U.S. with ease in order to live their ‘American Dream.’ 

What's included?

1 Video
1 Multimedia
1 Text

Course Curriculum

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