OK let's be real...

it's time you finally start living your AMERICAN DREAM in 2021!  

You have a desire to start a biz in the USA. 

You have a desire to live a certain lifestyle. 

You want to serve others & change the world while making a good living. 

You know that the U.S.A. is a land of all opportunities. 

But, there is the but. 

You are scared. Confused. Not sure how to get started. Not sure how to make it happen. 

The truth is nobody can do this for you. You need to decide internally that you're ready. 

Make a decision. Today. 

Once you decide, it gets easy. 

I show you how to get started.  

How to start your company in the USA. 

How to get your visa approved.


Only you must decide to go for it.

One thing I know for sure is that 

Your DREAM is there for a reason & You Don't need to be a MILLIONAIRE to get your E-2 Visa Approval! 

Here is what you need to know: 

1. You must be a citizen of E-2 Visa Treaty Country 

2. You must have a burning desire to start a business in the USA 

3. You are able to obtain 30K-50K from a legal source

4. You Enroll in this program without hiring lawyers who aren't experts in E2 visas & avoid paying expensive legal fees!

5. You are willing to do whatever it takes!

If this is YOU, welcome to THE ULTIMATE E-2 VISA PROGRAM

Your time is NOW!

If you don't know me, my name is Marieta Oslanec and I am a business immigration attorney, an immigrant, and a successful entrepreneur, who moved to the USA with 700 USD in my pocket, graduated from one of the top law school in the USA, started my company because nobody would hire me on H1B visa, got myself E-2 Visa status, and since helped hundreds of immigrants to do the same. One thing I know for sure is: 

Impossible is possible.

If you believe and take action. 

If there is no way, you create one.

Therefore, I am releasing this special E-2 Visa Ultimate Program that has everything you need to start a business in the USA & get an E-2 investor Visa without paying expensive legal fees!!! 

My intention is for you to finally 


So, here we go...


How to apply for B-1 Visa to the USA (value 999 USD) 

How to apply for B-2 Visa to the USA (value 999 USD) 

How to apply for E-2  Investor Visa to the USA (value 7,999 USD) 

How to change or extend the visa status in the USA (value 999 USD) 

How to start a business in the USA; incorporate an entity (value 1,999 USD) 

How to apply for EIN, ITIN (value 499 USD) 

How to open a bank account in the USA & prepare the full corporate documentation (value 2,499 USD) 

How to draft a perfect E-2 Visa Business Plan (value 2,999 USD) 

Biz Strategy Consult with Marieta (value of 999 USD)

TOTAL VALUE OF this training is: 

over 20,000 USD

This is the price you will pay for these services if you want to work with an experienced immigration lawyer. Or more. 

Here is my intention for you... 


I want you to succeed. 

I want you to live your dream. 

I want you to have the resources to make it happen. 

I want you finally move to the USA. 

I want to you make a difference in other people's lives while running a profitable business. 

The USA was built by people like you. 

I know you can be the next person. 

I have helped myself and others. 

You are the next. 

Are You Ready?

I am pricing this program at 5,999 USD.

Sign up now and receive this program for 

Get it for 2,500 USD! 

This Ultimate Program will help you:

Apply for B1 Visa to the USA (complete step by step guidance) 

Apply for B2 Visa to the USA (complete step by step guidance) 

Apply for E-2 Investor Visa to the USA (complete step-by-step guidance + forms + strategy!) 

Start a company in the USA (complete step by step guidance + filing forms) 


Open a corporate bank account in the USA (complete step by step guidance + corporate documentation that you need) 

Draft a perfect business plan 

Preparation for the visa interview 

Extend the visa in the USA or change the status  


QUESTIONS? office@immigrationbiz.com


(over 6,000 USD of value)

If you enroll NOW you will receive these bonuses: 

1. The Ultimate Mindset for Aspiring Immigrant Entrepreneur (value of 999 USD) - without the right mindset there is no American Dream. This bonus will teach you how to have the right mindset to succeed in the USA. 

2. How to work in the USA under B1/B2 Visa (value of 999 USD) - can you work under B1/B2? Yes you can under "special circumstances". This bonus will teach you exactly how to go about it. 

3. How to apply for DV Visa Lottery (999 USD) - this bonus will give you step-by-step guidance on how to apply for DV Visa Lottery and increase your chances to win! 

4. 6 Steps to 6-Figures PURPOSE Driven Business in 6-months (value 999 USD) 



and SAVE 21,000 USD on legal fees 

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The regular price for this program is 5,999 USD and SAVE.